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July 17, 2012
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Android 4.0 Gmail |  v1.5 by KreDoc Android 4.0 Gmail |  v1.5 by KreDoc
UPDATE! Android 4.0 Gmail has been updated to the latest changes of my gmail skins. Now it features customizable DateFormat, and all bugs have been fixed (that I know of). Open the .ini for instructions.

Rainmeter 2.4 beta r1598 is required.


Ever since I posted "My First dA Rainmeter Desktop", I wanted to release my first "original" skins, the Google Calendar and the Gmail widgets. Now, after more than a year, and a ton of Rainmeter knowledge, I finally did. :)

Android Gmail skin is here, internally redesigned and completely re-written from scratch, using all the latest Rainmeter impovements and abilities.

For those that are wondering, Google Calendar skin is never going to be released, as it is deprecated and Google has done an awful job with the GCalendar Feed, tighting up our hands about it. Visit Rainmeter forums for more information, if you 're interested on the story.

Huge credits go to everyone in the Rainmeter Community, but I should really thank JSMorley and Kaelri, who stood by my side as I was learning to code .lua and/or Rainmeter itself, and who provided many of the code included.

Requirements: Rainmeter 2.4 beta

  1. Install the .rmskin package
  2. Right Click --> Edit the skin to set up your Gmail Credentials (required) and to change the provided options (optional)
  3. Save and refresh the skin
  4. Enjoy.
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Doesnt seem to work for me maybe gmail parsing needs to be updated?
ApxuBbI Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Isn't working =(
clearest ever !!!
Excellent ( :
works great thx
I really love this skin, thx!!
This looks amazing! However, I'm a little concerned about storing my mail password *in plain text* in the configuration file. It's incredibly easy for someone to just right-click, edit and grab my password. Is it possible for you to add some way to prompt for a password rather than store it in the .ini? I know the InputText plugin supports password input.
i have problem during installation
here's the error:

Unable to create file:
C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Android 4.0 Gmail\Android 4.0 Gmail (JSMorley?.lua

Skin Installer will now quit.

Click OK to close Skin Installer.

i am using 2.4 beta (r1674)

what can i do with this? thanks
The correct filename of the file is "Android 4.0 Gmail (JSMorley™).lua". I didn't imagine that the "TM" part would be a problem in some systems. How familiar are you with Rainmeter? Try to extract the skin, and install it manually, renaming the file if you need to. Just make sure that you rename it in the [mLuaScript] section, (ScriptFile="Android 4.0 Gmail (JSMorley™).lua").
This could be a Rainmeter-side problem as well, so take the time and post it in the Rainmeter forums as well, so the guys there have a chance to fix it, if it needs to be.

This is the first report over that problem, so I guess it's a rare uncombatibility with your system and special characters ("TM").
the problem is finally solved!!
thank you

btw, nice work
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